Our Story


About Campbell Illinois Whitetails

Campbell Illinois Whitetails began it’s journey nearly 20 years ago, with a passion to help others achieve their dreams of “A Hunt Of A Lifetime”. From that point, your hosts, John & Matt Campbell, started what would soon turn into a whitetail hunting hot spot for hunters across the country. Soon after the business started and rapidly proved itself as the “real deal” and a place where folks could go and trust they would get the results they were looking for, the Campbell Outdoor Challenge TV show began. The brain child of owner John Campbell, this show brought in celebrities and outdoor television enthusiasts to compete against one another in a televised series of hunts and events that would soon blow the phones up at the offices of Campbell Illinois Whitetails. With a then established company and whitetail hunters paradise in place, the company practiced smart business sense along with a whitetail and land management program that would keep hunter numbers to a minimum, a strong habitat and the whitetail population healthy and growing.

Despite what parts of the midwest deer population has seen in recent years, with relentless disease wiping out whitetail herds in large numbers, Southern Illinois has been lucky, with very little effected. With this taken into consideration, along with good management practices, and a hard working team, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to offer you continued opportunities at that hunt you have been waiting for.

Ultimately, what you now have some 20 years later, is a well established whitetail outfitter, with proven success for many years, from a family owned business that will continue to satisfy hunters for many years to come!

We look forward to hunting with you,

The Team at Campbell Illinois Whitetails