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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of stands or blinds are available?
Q: What am I responsible for and what do I need to bring
Q: What about food and cooking arrangements?
Q: What is included with your lodging?
Q: What if my vacation time doesn't exactly match your hunt arrival and departure dates?
Q: Do you offer weekend hunts or 3 day hunts in addition to your listed hunts?
Q: I want to bring along a non-hunting guest. Is this allowed? What will it cost?
Q: I'd like to bring my son/daughter with me on a hunt. Do you have any special rates for children?
Q: What about caring for the deer meat and the trophy?
Q: Is there a trophy fee if I kill a Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett buck?
Q: What is your policy on wounded bucks?
Q: How do I tell if a buck will meet your minimum requirements?
Q: Do you have a size restriction on your bucks?
Q: Do you have some bowhunting only areas?
Q: Do you have food plots?
Q: Do you have a management policy in place?
Q: What size deer will I be hunting?
Q: What is your hunter's success rate?

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