Whitetail Deer taken at Campbells Illinois Whitetails
Congratulations to Kenney Pike and Jody Watson on their accomplishment during the firearm season. Kenney took his largest buck ever here at Campbell Illinois Whitetails. The buck, with a green score of over 200 inches, was a main frame 12 point with several extra scoreable points.

Campbell Illinois Whitetails is located in White and Gallatin County in Southeastern Illinois. 20,000 acres of prime big buck territory with numerous record B&C deer. Semi guided archery (compound bow and crossbow) and firearm hunts (shotgun & muzzleloader) are offered.

Modernized Hunting Lodges with many amenities. We take great pride in our Whitetail deer herd, you will be amazed at the quality of mature deer we have!!! Through our game management practices, antler restrictions and lack of hunting pressure on our areas, hunters will have better odds of taking that buck of a lifetime. We have several hundred acres of food plots and strips planned for this year. We are putting in more time and effort than ever before on stand placement and shooting lanes to maximize your success. Some outfitters try to sell you by saying they have taken several bucks over 160”, which may be true, but what they don’t tell you is how many hunters they run through to get their.

We pride ourselves in low hunting pressure situations and keep our hunting areas in a 3 week rotation, keeping all our areas fresh. Our clients opportunity rate at bucks over our antler minimums are as follows: Archery 80%, Firearm 90% Over the past few years we have had some pretty impressive Whitetail bucks taken gun and bow. Book your hunt of a lifetime today! Any client who takes a whitetail buck with a gross score over 170” will get a room named after them, with a name plate on the door and an enlarged picture of the hunter and trophy in the room!! Call 877-384-3337

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